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info wan mitarbeiter, februar 2014 This is me: Andreas Hähnel. I’m Senior Consultant at infoWAN Datenkommunikation GmbH and listed as a P-TSP and “Microsoft Cloud Expert Germany” at Microsoft.

My focus topics are Office 365, Exchange and PowerShell. Historically I have a strong background in Lotus Notes and Lotus Notes development. Because of this background I’ve successfully done many mail migration projects both on-premises and to Office 365.

Because of the widespread deep knowledge I also do a lot of strategy consulting. That means answering questions like “should I migrate to Office 365 and Azure or should I keep everything on-prem?”.

The cool thing about the Microsoft cloud world is that it will never be boring. Each day new features, each week updates, the world changes and changes and changes. And I am here to help to stay up to date with all these changes.