On March 14 2017, Microsoft announced the newest Office 365 Service “Microsoft Teams” to be general available. You can find the announcement under this link. In the past it was already announced as you can see here.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is a new collaboration tool which consolidates chat, workspace and further productivity tools under one hood.


Why should I use Microsoft Teams?

Teams provides a full workspace including:

  • chat
  • communication
  • security
  • file sharing
  • Emojis
  • channel support
  • project planning
  • including other resources like YouTube, Twitter and much more connectors


What is the difference to Office Groups?

Some aspects to this question:

  • Teams is a separate workspace which is available by using either the web interface or a separate client.
  • Groups have some limitations like only 1 Planner, Teams can have multiple.
  • Groups have no Chat and integrated communication features
  • Teams support subchannels which are part of a team – each supports separate productivity tools.

Soon I will write a blog article to discuss the differences in detail.